Ana Porgras announces retirement

SHOCK!  Ana Porgras withdraw only 18! World Champion in 2010 and a beam of hope for gold in London gave up gymnastics.

Withdrawal in Romanian sport shock!  With only five months before the Olympic Games, Ana Porgras lot left women’s gymnastics. A hard blow for the team coached by Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang, Ana is one of the medal hopes in London, but also prominent developments team whose beam, parallel and soil were significantly higher score Romania.

At only 18, Ana Porgras Romanian gymnastics has become history. In pole position for an Olympic medal in London, world champion on beam in 2010 and abandoned dreams and cantonment of Izvorani to walk into a normal life.  “I felt physically can not, I was hard after so many injuries to the head take it again. I could not go forward,” explains Ana. Seriousness of her voice gives to understand that a decision is weighed long, is not a ton of time.  The event that decisively contributed to her choice was the last injury suffered last month, fractured left hand bend.
Painful decision for officials. Then in December came and the first thoughts of retirement, overcome with a MiniVac recovery. Final decision was to take shape after the Christmas training camp in France, from Dijon: a future without gymnastics.  “I think it was a wrong decision to Anna especially did not say how much everything in gymnastics. Regret her decision with all my heart, a personal decision that I am very hard to comment, somehow intuited this . I thought that this decision earlier and now was to happen, “said Adrian Stoica, president of RF gymnastics. Injuries, the latest developments oscillating major competitions and immense pressure all have eroded confidence and safety while Ana itself.
Sources close to the lot behind the women argue that the withdrawals are in fact other reasons: “I was able to adapt working style required by Bellu and Bitang, and since they returned to the lot, Ana was not in so. It’s a very sensitive child, you need to take with binişorul. In addition, she felt betrayed after World for any of those working said it was more concerned with fashion than gymnastics. Beauty, grace, talent and great fragility are the words that best sums up the fate of Ana Porgras sports.  A short destiny as a competitive exercise. A contest ended much too early to Ana.
From discussions with her, Ana has given way back.  It’s a personal decision, very strong, and sport can not be done with restraint Adrian Stoica, preşedinte FRG Adrian Stoica, president of FRG
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