O blog é sobre séries?? É sim, mas como falei dos cds da série Glee, eu não poderia deixar de falar que no último dia 27 de novembro foi lançado o novo cd do WESTLIFE, chamado WHERE WE ARE. Oficialmente dia 30 de novembro. O cd contou com grandes nomes da música pop na sua produção, entre eles, Ryan Tedder (nominado ao Grammy que trabalhou com Beyonce e Leona Lewis), Steve Robson (James Morrison, Take That), Steve Booker (Duffy), Louis Biancaniello e Sam Watters (Whitney Houston e Anastacia). Algumas músicas foram escritas pelos meninos e o que podemos dizer desse cd é que novamente WESTLIFE vem provar o quanto são talentosos, e dessa vez estão ainda mais românticos, num cd totalmente introspectivo e emocionante. Dessa vez baladas mais agitadas como World of Our Own ficaram de lado, e o cd vem com 13 músicas absolutamente lindas.

Shane disse: “We’ve been experimenting with a fresh vibe on this record, working with new producers and writing songs for the album ourselves. After eleven years we see this as phase two of the Westlife story.”

Pra quem pensa que a banda nem existe mais, já que aqui no Brasil infelizmente eles não são divulgados, este já é o 10º cd da carreira deles e quem continua acompanhando o trabalho dos meninos, sabe que vale a pena esperar cada novo cd deles, e por isso estou aqui divulgando este cd, mostrando que Westlife está aí e está cada vez melhor, vale a pena conferir! Aliás no último dia 2 agora, o cd estava no segundo lugar de vendas atrás apenas da sensação Susan Boyle.

Abaixo comentários dos próprios garotos sobre cada música do cd. Eu não consegui extrair o que eles falam sobre 5 músicas, mas assim que eu o fizer eu coloco aqui. Aliás quem quiser conferir o trabalho deles, ou o novo cd, no youtube há trechos de cada música.


  1. What About Now
  2. How To Break A Heart
  3. Leaving
  4. Shadows
  5. Talk Me Down
  6. Where We Are
  7. The Difference
  8. As Love Is My Witness
  9. Another World
  10. No More Heroes
  11. Sound Of A Broken Heart
  12. Reach Out
  13. I’ll See You Again


From Daughtry to Westlife, is the first single from new cd!

‘How To Break A Heart’. I think, for me anyways, this is my favourite song outside the first single. Simply because I think it’s a whole new fresh thing for Westlife, a whole new fresh sound, a completely different feel but still very Westlife. It’s a fantastic pop song, I certenly think it would make everybody kinda go ‘Woaw!’. In general, you know, it’s got a bit more tempo to it, it’s got a different feel to it, certenly a new sound for Westlife but for me it’s the best song on the album after the first single.

Shane: Track three is Leaving. This song has again a very typical Westlife sound. It’s a song that Simon really wanted us to record and now seeing it on the album we can see why he wanted it so much. You know, it’s got great vocals on it, it’s a Swedish ballad from Westlife. You know, it’s the typical kind of thing you’ve heard over the years. And we never wanted to alienate exactly the fans that do like that kind of stuff. Even though that this album is slightly different direction there are still three or four really Westlife songs on there.
Nicky: Typical love song. Typical love story.
Shane: Yeah. It’s a typical love story. It’s kinda got waltz bit to it. It’s like a perfect waltz the tempo of it.
Mark: Would you Kian care to dance? You too (to Nicky)
Shane: So that’s it. that’s the track. It’s a great song for all the Westlife ballad lovers out there. It’s the perfect track for you.

Mark: Song number four is called ‘Shadows’. We actually heard this song – it was one of the first songs that got played to us from the record company. It’s written by Ryan Tedder, he’s from One Republic, he’s done like ‘Bleeding Love’ for Leona Lewis, ‘Halo’ for Beyonce – amongst a lot of other songs – ‘Apologize’, and he wrote it with AJ from the Backstreet Boys but we kind of went and took it, made it our own and we think it’s very good, don’t we?
Kian : Definitely .
Shane: Yeah.
Mark: I think this is one of the songs on the album you could be listening and go ‘Wow is that Westlife, really?’ you know, it’s kind of quite American sound and I suppose vocally we sort of show a bit of versatility in it. You know, we kinda show a style or a sight of our voices that we haven’t shown that much before. The production is a production you wouldn’t have heard of us, you know, kind of effects on our voices, something we’ve wanted for a long time really. I think that we’re very happy that this song is on the album, it’s one of the songs that on first listen a lot of people like.
Shane: Yeah. It gets you straight away. And Mark does a crazy verse. very very good vocals.

Mark: ‘Talk Me Down’ is track number five. It’s a song that I was writing with a friend of mine called Steve Anderson who was MD to a couple of Westlife tours and this is a song that a friend of his called Simon Peddy had written from America, I really liked it and we just said for a laugh to put a vocal on it. I just felt like I could definitely kind of give that a shot, you know, so I tried it and that was that and then a few weeks later he sent me the finished version and I was like ‘Wow I like that!’. And I met Kian on dinner when in London with Jodi and I played it to him and he liked it and then he sent it to someone I haven’t even known and they liked it so basically everyone kinda was liking it. I didn’t expect anyone to think it was good for a Westlife album cause, you know, it is a bit different but at the same time, you know, why not… It’s quite a sad silent song and it’s quite a soulful vocal and it’s quite hard-felt vocal, it’s a bit darker, it’s a bit more sort of, you know, deep down inside. I think we’ve all been through sort of periods of life when it’s dark. The song and the lyrics kind of hit a nerve and hopefully that comes across in the vocals, you know.

Shane: Track six in the album is ‘Where We Are’, it’s the title track of the album. Again it’s by Ryan Tedder. It’s an amazing song, we feel it’s… It was the first song he played to us when we went to a studio. Again we wanted to work with him for a long time. He’s done a lot of great songs in the last few years this is a very uplifting song, it’s great and kinda in a way the title track of the album kinda represents where we are as a band. It just made sense to call the album that and the song itself as well, kinda you can feel that in the song. You know, ‘Where we are is where we’re supposed to be’ it feels like we could’ve wrote it, you know. It’s got bit to it, it’s uptempo, it’s uplifting and I think it will be a fans’ favourite on the album.

Kian: ‘The Difference’! This is a song that we all absolutely love. You know, again, it was one of them songs that kinda came out of nowhere. We went to a studio in LA to meet these two song writers called Scott and Ann who did ‘Listen’ for Beyonce and stuff like that.
Mark/Kian: ‘Torn’ for Natalie Imbruglia.
Kian: And they penned us two songs. ‘The Difference’ just like kind of automatically like jumped at us. When it gets to the second verse and there’s a thumbing beat that comes in underneat it, it just lifts you up straight away and it has that real kinda up lifting feel to it. And then by the time it gets to the chorus it’s just this big massive song. It almost feels like something you’d hear U2 do in a sense witht he drum feel on it. You know, I’m not comparing Westlife to U2 but it certenly has a bit of that kind of feel to it.
Mark: A bit of country / rocky sort of feel to it.
Kian: Yeah, and it’s also got this weird kinda chant in it as well. It’s kinda like an African chant. It’s just, overall I think it’s definitely one of them songs that when we’re performing on tour it’s gonna be massive.
Shane: We will be singing that on tour yeah, without a doubt.
Kian: It’s going to be a massive song on tour. Again, you know, like the rest of the songs in this album, unless we’ve seen it as a single potential we weren’t gonna record it. This song definitely has single potential and it’s just another great song on our album.

Nicky: The next track we’re gonna speak about is ‘As Love Is My Witness’ and this actually was the first song that we recorded back after our year off as a band. It was written by Connor Reeves…
Mark/Nicky: And Jonathan Shorten.
Kian: Connor Reeves who for those who don’t know sung a very famous song called ‘Earthbound’.
Mark: And ‘My Fathers Son’.
Nicky: There is great harmonies on the song. It’s kind of slightly RnB I suppose but brought more, obviously Westlife singing, it’s more, you know, brought to pop domain. We recorded it with Martin Terefe who is a producer from Sweden who did… James Morrison?
Mark: He does a lot of James Morrison tunes.
Nicky: But as I said we were starting the new album we didn’t know whether it was gonna be the first single, whether it was gonna be even on the album when we were recording it. So, anyway, this is ‘As Love Is My Witness’.


Mark: There’s a song that I’m really proud of myself which I wrote with Shaznay Lewis and Chris Braide called ‘Reach Out’ that I’m very, very proud of because I’ve always strived to write but I’ve always been a bit scared because it can be quite frowned upon sometimes, especially in the past for us to even mention the word ‘write’. I kind of went off and did it in my own time and then once I had a good demo, I brought it to the label and they liked it… I did it that way instead of going in and meeting them and saying ‘do you mind if I write and could you put me in with someone? I wrote it about something personal actually and I don’t really want to say what it is. But it’s just that kind of thing when someone’s in trouble and they’re not really saying anything about it. It’s quite a straightforward sentiment really.

very dark, sad song. this song is about someone past away.
so emotional song. great message of hope. very strong song for next single from westlife.

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  1. Robson Says:

    Olá sou fã do Westlife desde o começo tambem, qd que o album novo album será lançado aqui no Brasil vc sabe me informar? aqui no Brasil eles não são muiot populares como em alguns anos atras, mas adoro o trabalho deles e os acompanho sempre , seus cds e dvds gosto de tudo um abraço.

  2. markinseries Says:

    ola Robson
    entao nao sei a previsao do cd aqui no brasil, nem sei se será lançado, os ultimos dvds deles nem têm saido aqui e cds ate saem, mas sem divulgacao. entao nao sei informar, mas se caso for lançado eu divulgo aqui.
    abraço e obrigado por comentar aqui, volte sempre hehehe

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